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Greetings from Cathy MacDonald

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Cathy MacDonald Cathy MacDonald | 00:02 UK time, Sunday, 11 July 2010

Cathy MacDonald

It's hard to believe that there's now over three years since I joined the Greetings team, joining an already illustrious list of presenters, including Howard Lockhart and Fr John Fitzsimmons. So you can well imagine my trepidation - not least as I struggled with a whole new genre of music - classical and operatic. Gender aside - what I share with my predecessors is a love of music and the sheer thrill of playing our listeners personal dedications, which accounts for the weekly eclectic mix.

There's something quite intimate about sharing musical messages with so many of our regular listeners - and long-standing and faithful many of you are - it's particularly exciting to hear from those of you who tune in via the internet. I suspect that the show becomes a bit of a home from home for you - and as a resident in a city other than my birth, I understand that feeling of homesickness and long that certain songs evoke.

One exciting aspect of presenting the show is that I stumble across songs I haven't heard in years, usually tunes I grew up with and had all but forgotten, so it can be a bit of a trip down memory lane for me too.

Music is a powerful way of removing barriers, of breaking the ice and it's a really simple way of remembering someone, or something - friend or family, or perhaps someone who needs cheering up. And most especially for all those of you who tune in on your own - it's a pleasure to have your company and to share my stories with you. Keep listening on a Sunday morning and keep in touch



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