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An album show movie special

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Edith Bowman | 10:20 UK time, Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ah the fresh sea air of Fife. It's so lovely to be home and having a few days of respite before the madness of T In The Park takes my breath away. I really can't wait.

I'll be with you once again this Friday (9 July) with another Album Show, an Album Show with a slight twist this week. We all love films yes? We all love a lot of the music in films yes? Well why not celebrate the music in film by doing a whole Edith Bowman Album show on soundtracks? That is exactly what we are doing and believe me you will not believe what we are playing until you hear it. Even then as you listen in the car, at home, at work or in your bedroom i guarantee there will be gasps of 'NO WAY,' from quite a few of you.

The hardest thing has been to keep it down to two hours. I keep emailing producer Richard to say, 'what about this, what about that.' I'm just waiting to get an email restraining order off him. So expect the unexpected this week, i'm not giving you any clues, you'll just have to tune in to hear our amazing track listing.

I'm sitting typing away in my mum's kitchen as we are waiting for some family to come round for dinner (which I've helped cook, obviously), the sun is beating through the windows as I introduce Ma Bowman to the delights of Lissie and her debut album. I played you a track from it a couple of weeks ago and I just love it more and more. Mum says she rather likes it, always a good sign. She was banging on about Mumford and Sons today as my nephew was trying to show my son how to play his toy accordian - made me laugh a lot.

So I'll leave you for now and hope you'll join me on Friday at 8pm for our soundtrack special, then over the weekend on BBC Radio 1 for all the best coverage of T In The Park. xxx



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