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A Life in Question

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 12:52 UK time, Friday, 23 July 2010

A Life in Question returns on Sunday for a new series. Presenter Colin MacKay tells us more:

Four decades of interviewing nine PMs, a score of Scottish Secretaries, and all four First Ministers has been the easy bit. Talking to people for A life in Question is the hard part.

Colin MacKay

As a political journalist I was on first-name terms with cabinet ministers. But the chances are I don't know anything about the people the programme's producers find.

So the programme stands or falls when that mic comes on and I say my initial "hello". Sure, I'll have the producer's copious research notes; but I am coming 'cold' to this man or woman - and the first laugh, or even a smile in the voice, is a welcome sign that any ice has been broken and we are on the way to another thought-provoking discussion.

Take Rob Parsons, who kicks off our new series on Sunday morning (25 July at 8:05): he advises people how to sort out their often troubled relationships with their children (as a father myself, I know whereof he speaks), but is very frank about the difficulties in his own marriage that gave him deeper insight into the plight of others. And if you want to know why the man who came to stay the night with Rob and his wife is still there thirty-three years later - well, tune in on Sunday and you'll find out!


  • Comment number 1.

    Started listening to Radio Scotland on the Internet about 2 years ago,
    and A Life in Question was the first program I selected. Have enjoyed
    it immensely, especially those from ordinary people (who don't seem ordinary). Unfortunately the current program doesn't have the listen again feature, so guess I'll have to get up really early on Sundays from now on.
    Thanks John

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