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Royal Highland Show - first impressions

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 19:43 UK time, Thursday, 24 June 2010

Although I've lived the best part of my life in Edinburgh, I've never before visited the Royal Highland Show. I'd been told it was huge, and that there was tonnes to see but that's an understatement - the show grounds are massive! Even the car park is the size of a small town. The grounds are set out like an American city, with avenues both numerical and alphabetical to help with navigation. Hasn't prevented me getting lost more than once already though.

After four hours I'd only found the BBC tent (where I'll be based for the rest of the weekend) and the livestock - cows and sheep galore. Main observations - the cows are much much bigger than I thought possible, and there are far more varieties of sheep than I had imagined - some of which are really cute and cuddly (not that I tried to cuddle them!) I've seen horses being washed, cows having their hooves painted, their udders shaved and their coats blow-dried, and sheep being sheared. It's fascinating. I've obviously taken thousands of photos already...



The food hall is impressive too, pretty much every stall has samples to taste. I'd heartily recommend the ice cream.


There's a craft hall too which I'm yet to visit, and thousands of stores with wellies, tweeds and equestrian gear. Other events include pole climbing (very impressive), stone masonry, falconry, stunt bikes, duck herding and so much more.


I'll be here all weekend taking photographs at the Radio Scotland shows. You can find information about the shows on this blog I wrote a couple of weeks back. Fred will be milking a cow tomorrow which will be great if I can hot foot it from the Radio Scotland tent to the cow shed in time! Janice on Saturday will have live music from Pearl and The Puppets and plenty of other guests.

BBC Scotland at the Royal Highland Show is being regularly updated with photographs and video and there are more photographs in the BBC Royal Highland Show flickr group.



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