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Richard Cadey's Community Challenge

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Simone Byrne Simone Byrne | 17:16 UK time, Friday, 18 June 2010


Producer James Christie from the MacAulay and Co. team has put together this blog post charting reporter Richard Cadey's efforts in creating a community cricket team.

It was inspired by an article on the Daily Telegraph website. But when I challenged roving reporter Richard Cadey to do similar and create a cricket team in his village. I don't think either of us realised how much work would be involved, but also how well it would bring his community together.

We are now 4 weeks on since the challenge was set and Richard has a team of over 20 people, but it didn't always appear that he'd get the numbers. Within the first week he met the members of the local Bowling Club:

He also got a similar reaction from the local community council. While both groups were appreciative of the efforts they felt they couldn't bring much to the table.

Last Friday was the turning point and all it took was a visit to the local primary school sports day:

He signed up the majority of members there. And has also had a slow trickle of players replying to the flyers he posted around the village.

There we have it, on Saturday they will meet for the first time. A group of individuals, a lot of whom won't know each other despite living in the same village but they are now Torrance Community Cricket Club.

And where do they go from here? Well the first game is pencilled in for August 30th. So they better get training!

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