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Women On Top

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Alan Braidwood Alan Braidwood | 00:01 UK time, Monday, 31 May 2010

As well as presenting the Book and Culture Cafes, Clare English also presents Women On Top which returns for a third run beginning June 3. I sent Clare an email and asked if she could write us few lines outlining the new programmes and the guests she has lined up; this is what she mailed me back.

Clare English

We're back with another series of Women On Top and once again, there's no shortage of candidates for the slot. When I first began doing these half hour conversations, I had no idea how many clever, interesting and funny women were out there, holding down amazing jobs. Any of the ones I've met so far would be worthy of more than an hour of chat but we hope to bring you the edited highlights of their inspirational and personal stories...

We hear from the feisty and focused mother of two who runs Glasgow International Airport. Amanda McMillan may have started out as an accountant but now, as MD, she's running the show, complete with all the anxieties of coping with the chaos caused by the volcanic ash clouds. Not one to panic in a crisis, Amanda's been tested before when she was head of operations in June 2007 - that was the summer when terrorists launched their attack on the terminal building.

Music lovers will be inspired by Krissi Murison - the first female editor of that bible of musical knowledge The New Musical Express. A mere babe, in her late twenties, this rock chick clearly adores her 24/7 job and has been writing about music since her mid teens. Proof positive that if you have a passion for something, getting involved early pays off.

If Science is often seen as a subject beloved of geeks and guys, then let Professor Anne Glover put you right. She's carrying out inspirational research work at Aberdeen University when she isn't based in Edinburgh in her capacity as Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland. After being in her company for an hour or so, it wasn't hard to see that she had another string to her bow - she's a born communicator. Anne regularly puts that into practice when she visits schools, campaigning to get more young people especially women, into science as a career. Even if you never liked the subject at school, listening to her enthusiasm might just change your mind.

Finally, if I had to pick out the most unusual contributor in this series, I would urge you to listen to Anna Arrowsmith, aka Anna Span. She's a porn director with political aspirations. She stood in the recent general election as a Lib Dem candidate and although she didn't win the seat. Anna proved she's a doughty campaigner with lots of business acumen - not bad for a former St Martin's School of Art student who shocked her tutors with a rather explicit film.

There you have it; four top women and each one of them left me with the same impression - the journey up the career ladder was worth every minute of effort.

Every Monday Clare English presents The Book Cafe and each Tuesday presents The Culture Cafe.


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