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Nick Rougvie on Election 2010

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Nick Rougvie | 10:30 UK time, Tuesday, 4 May 2010

By Friday afternoon we will know the make up of the next UK government...oh wait, maybe not.

In any other general election year that opening line would be pretty much on the money but not this time around. We've all seen the polls, heard the debates, even watched them and yet we still have no idea who the winners and losers might be. And that means it's quite exciting.

In the beating heart of BBC Radio Scotland (ok, the newsroom) it's usual, despite our enthusiasm for most things political, that some sort of election fatigue sets in after a month of following a campaign, but strangely, that doesn't appear to have happened quite yet. The election is still, largely, the first topic of conversation of a morning. I get the feeling that it's the same in many other offices up and down the country.

Are voters simply engaged by issues facing the nation, eager to get involved with the political cut and thrust playing out across the airwaves? Possible, although it may also mean that the very same voters are just itching for the chance to vent their anger after the expenses scandal and bring in a new generation of MP's at Westminster.

Get ready to tune in and stay up late it's going to be an exciting night."

Nick Rougvie is one of the presenters of Newsdrive on BBC Radio Scotland.


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