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A divine performance on The Tom Morton Show

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 17:11 UK time, Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Dawn Baxter, producer of The Tom Morton show sent us this blog about The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon, who appeared on the show on Monday 10th May.

When the new single from The Divine Comedy "At the Indie Disco" arrived on Tom Morton and myself's desk we both agreed that it was a wonderful piece of story telling, recounting a typical night out for the author in his younger years. Personally the song reminded me of being 18 and attending various venues in and around Aberdeen, taking me right back to my own days of tiny clubs, beer soaked carpets and great music. Needless to say, we have played the single a lot on the Tom Morton show and were delighted when it became part of the Radio Scotland Playlist.

Fast forward a few weeks when I got a call from the Divine Comedy's radio plugger asking if we would be interested in having Neil Hannon from the band on the show on the 10th May. As we are such fans of course the answer was yes.

Here is where the wonder of Radio comes in: Tom is based in Shetland and broadcasts from the BBC studio in Lerwick, the production team are based in Aberdeen and Neil was in PQ in Glasgow though you would never know any of this listening to the show. Neil was looked after by audio Niall Young in PQ - with myself producing Monday's Tom show from Aberdeen.

Anyway, onto Showtime - Neil Hannon had completed his soundcheck in Glasgow and ready to take part on the show. I had a brief chat with him just to check that he was happy and knew what was going to happen on the show. Much to my amusement Mr Hannon impressed me by playing along with A-ha's "Take on Me" which we were playing on the show as I chatted to him, admitting that he'd been a fan in his youth! Tom picked up on this during the interview and Neil played a bit more of this 80s classic, revealing that he may have learned it in order to impress members of the opposite sex!

We've had Neil on the Show before and know that he is an entertaining guest. Of course he didn't disappoint - go to the iPlayer to hear the interview again if you missed it. We were given an extra special treat as Neil played a live song for us as a taster from his forthcoming album - a track called "The Complete Banker" which pulls no punches in revealing his feelings on the cause of the recent financial crisis. The song was excellent and if all the album is as good as this the Divine Comedy have another top seller on their hands which may well feature as a Tom Morton Album of the week in the future.

As an added bonus, our online team filmed Neil performing his live track "The Complete Banker":



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