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Stuck in the French Riviera

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Annie McGuire Annie McGuire | 09:59 UK time, Monday, 19 April 2010

Well it has certainly been an interesting few days since I last submitted a blog: Andy Murray went out of the Monte Carlo Masters, I agreed to stay on and appear on Good Morning Scotland the next day. Woke up on Thursday morning - dialled in to BBC Radio Scotland only to hear the studio discussing the fact that Scotland was a no fly zone!

Annie McGuire, stranded in Monte Carlo

So I - along with Britain's top tennis writers, have been stuck here in Menton (a good base for people who can't afford Monte Carlo - about 6 km away) trying to work out how to get home.

Three bold adventurers left on Friday morning, thinking they'd hire a Mercedes to drive to Calais. When they turned up all that was left was a Renault Clio! But 24 hours later they were in Dover - and we were still sitting wondering what to do.

Many people are in far worse situations around the world, but it is still quite stressful - spending all day every day trying to devise a cunning plan to get out of here. I have a bridesmaid dress fitting in Glasgow on Friday that I have to get to! (Oh yes, and presenting Sportsound on Thursday of course... that's important too...)

Anyway, it appears we may have a breakthrough. We plan to get the first available TGV - which is on Wednesday - from Nice to Lille, the Eurostar from Lille to London - then I will finally say 'a bientot' to the London based press and get the sleeper from Euston back to Glasgow.

So a 24 hour journey ahead, but it does make you appreciate how we've come to take for granted the idea that 'the world is a village'. I will kiss the ground in Glasgow when I get home. The French Riviera is okay, but there's no place like home.



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