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How Do You Write Radio Comedy?

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Alan Braidwood Alan Braidwood | 12:30 UK time, Friday, 23 April 2010

On Radio Scotland one of the best-loved genres of programme is comedy. Good radio comedy sounds effortless; this allows the rest of us to enjoy the drama, plot and punch lines without being aware of all the effort, long hours and the number of re-writes which go into it before we hear it on Radio Scotland.

Margaret-Anne Docherty has produced some of the best-known and loved comedy on Radio Scotland including Desperate Fishwives, SWOTS, Ellis and Clarke and No Hard Feelings. I asked her if she could explain the process behind radio comedy - from where do you get ideas to how to develop it when you have one. Have a listen to the interview below for some real insights from a radio comedy pro.

Radio Comedy cast photographs, clockwise form left: No Hard Feelings, SWOTS, Ellis and Clarke, Desperate Fishwives

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