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Funny Friends and oversized clothing

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Lesley Kay | 09:50 UK time, Friday, 23 April 2010

Susan Calman and I are in the middle of recording a new series of Funny Friends for BBC Radio Scotland. If you didn't hear the first series, the idea is pretty simple. Susan Calman chats to her Funny Friends.

Last week Susan put on her lawyers hat and went to London to give comedian Jo Caulfield some advice on looking for a flat in Edinburgh's Stockbridge. Then she headed over to posh Hampstead and played a game of cricket with Miles Jupp - Archie the Inventor in Balamory, and more recently the hapless press officer John Duggan from The Thick of It - with a rolled up copy of The Times. That is so not cricket!

Yesterday we went to Edinburgh to catch Lucy Porter who is currently on tour. For a laugh, Susan (4'11) met Lucy (5') in a shop for very tall ladies. As they moved around the shop, they marvelled at skirts that proved perfectly ample maxi dresses for shorties, managed to fit both feet in to one shoe, and peered over the top of the very large cash desk. Finally Lucy settled for a dressing gown and large hat; Susan for a pair of jeans: the waistband reaching her shoulders.

The very nice ladies in the shop took photos of them, and, they were overjoyed to learn that the photos will be making it to the Long Tall Sally newsletter! If you are not a subscriber, here's a preview!

Lucy Porter and Susan Calman

Lesley Kay is the producer of Funny Friends.



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