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Comedy on Radio Scotland

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Alan Braidwood Alan Braidwood | 12:39 UK time, Wednesday, 7 April 2010

As part of the new Cafe programmes Bronwen Tulloch of the Comedy Cafe describes what to expect from the new programme.

The Comedy Café

From Friday 9th April we're welcoming a new addition to the Radio Café family with the brand new Comedy Cafe on BBC Radio Scotland at 1.15 pm.

Make it funny but thought provoking. Reflect Scotland's sense of humour but be international. Capture the zeitgest but include the classics. And don't forget to feature the funny side of film, books, TV...

No challenge there then. Such is the remit of our brand new Comedy Cafe which I've been charged with producing, presented by Janice-chuckles-Forsyth. Multiple brainstorming sessions with my colleagues have turned up a wealth of exciting ideas, but sometimes the difficulty is in deciding what to leave out rather than what you can put into a programme. That's the nature of radio production! So I'm aiming high with a guest wish-list as long as the page it's typed on, grand visions of specially commissioned comedy themes and sigs, and a bevvy of reporters armed with recording equipment ready to tap our audience for their favourite jokes.

To tempt you for our launch programme on April 9 Greg McHugh has been much in demand since the recent success of Gary: Tank Commander - so good even the Russians want him on their TV schedules! But he's making time especially for the first Comedy Cafe and we'll find out what he's been up to since his 'tour of duty'. Together with Guardian critic, Grace Dent, they'll explore the value of piloting comedy and how humour is regarded by audiences beyond these borders - including those Greg-loving Russians. Religious worlds collide in David Baddiel's new film The Infidel starring Omid Djalili. And a sneak preview from Ricky Gervais as he tackles a coming-of-age tale in his touching film, Cemetery Junction. All that and recommendations for comedy DVDs to complete your home library. Plus our brand new Joke of the Week slot.

This programme is for your listening pleasure so it would benefit me hugely to hear your suggestions, ideas, stories - and jokes. Lots of them. Blog me your favourite joke or email thecomedycafe@bbc.co.uk and I might just broadcast it to the nation and even give you credit for it. Not forgetting of course this is a lunchtime, family friendly arts and culture slot so nothing offensive, ie: racially, politically, sexually... Welcome to the challenging world of comedy production. Whoever said it'd be a barrel of laughs!?

Oh - and do check us out on Twitter. We've set up twitter.com/comedycafeatbbc so spread the word.

Friday Comedy on Radio Scotland:
No Hard Feelings 1130-1200
Comedy Cafe 1315-1400
The Comedy Zone 0045-0600

The cast of No Hard Feelings The cast of No Hard Feelings


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