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Bad Weather - Out Of Doors

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Alan Braidwood Alan Braidwood | 17:26 UK time, Friday, 2 April 2010

The Out of Doors team in Aberdeen have been in touch and reveal how people have been affected by the weather.

Photograph of a some lambs and a ewe.jpg

Helen Needham

The unexpected turn in the weather this week forms the focus of the first part of Out of Doors on Saturday morning from 0630. Programme logistics were affected when presenter, Mark Stephen, was snowed in Aberdeenshire on Wednesday - recording plans went out the window. But the speedy retreat of the weather meant that getting out to visit sheep farmer, Sandy Tulloch, near Alford on Thursday was no problem.

Sandy, however, was in low spirits having lost a number of new born lambs because of the cold weather - he, like many farmers in Scotland right now are really beginning to question why they bother doing it. Euan McIlwraith was also snowed in but managed to get out on Thursday to go and record a piece at Aberdeen University about sticklebacks. His wild claim that sticklebacks and minnows are the same fish caused some consternation amongst listeners to Out of Doors last weekend. Thankfully, all is put right and we discover that sticklebacks are indeed remarkable and feisty creatures. Meanwhile, I was without power at home for over 24 hours but this only proved to be a healthy reminder of how it's the simple things in life which are the most heart warming - an open fire, a bakelite telephone, a camping stove and, of course, a battery powered radio.

Helen Needham is the Senior Producer of BBC Radio Scotland's Out of Doors.


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