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Jazz House producer reveals new feature

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Sushil K. Dade | 12:00 UK time, Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hi I'm Sushil K Dade, Producer for BBC Radio Scotland's Jazz House programme. Last week was exciting for the show, we launched our new feature 'Inside the mind of...' which made its debut with contributions and thoughts from Grammy Award winning vocal legend Bobby McFerrin.

I caught up with Bobby backstage after his educational workshop as part of the Celtic Connections music festival. He was such a warm, generous, kind hearted spirit, a lot like his approach to music-making. Seeing him in concert you never know who is going to end up on stage or who'll be behind the mic. As Bobby says in the feature ' the element of risk' and the joy of collaboration is what fuels his live shows and makes them such a wonderful experience and very special 'one off' performances. Bobby also revealed what is going on 'inside his mind' when he is performing at live shows and talks about everything from the Bible to Mozart!

Bobby McFerrin

In future editions of this new feature we'll be getting inside the mind of The Specials and founder of Two Tone Records, Jerry Dammers, who trundles into town on the 31st March with his 19 piece Spatial AKA Orchestra to play Edinburgh's Usher Hall. Jazz House will be there to record the concert so we're really excited about that. Loads of great British jazz musicians will be onstage that night including Zoe Rahman, Larry Stabbins, Denys Baptiste, Jason Yarde to name but a few.

Also listen out for 'inside the mind' of Indian percussion legend Trilok Gurtu over the coming weeks as well as a special interview with guitar legend Pat Metheny. The jazz team are: Stephen Duffy (Presenter), Shona Pew (Production Assistant) and resident jazz educator Richard Michael. We're excited and hope you will be too!

The interview with Bobby McFerrin is available via The Jazz House episode page until Sunday 28 March.



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