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Kaye Adams meets Craig Levein

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 16:10 UK time, Thursday, 18 March 2010

Kaye Adams went along to the hallowed corridors of Hampden this week to meet the new Scotland football manager Craig Levein. They talked tactics, how the new gaffer plans to manage the egos of a big group of players and getting the very best out of a team from a small country.

Kaye Adams with Craig Levein

Hear the interview on Call Kaye on Friday, 19 March at 0845.


  • Comment number 1.

    Yestreen’s new Radio Scotland phone-in programme ‘Call Kaye’ was asking folk for their views on Scots being taught in Schools. I was sure they had recently covered this on the old ‘Morning Extra’, but maybe they thought that with ‘Call Kaye’ being new they’d give it another go. Anyway, I didn’t phone but switched to Radio nan Gàidheal. Mind you, I did phone in to one of her first shows. One of the topics up for discussion was ‘Paranormal Experiences’. I got through to one of the Production Lassies…………

    PL: Good morning. This is ‘Call Kaye’………Eh! Excuse me. What on earth is that horrific shrieking in the background?
    Me: It’s a’ richt quine! It’s just ma Triffids haein’ their porridge.
    PL: Your Triffids?
    Me: Aye! But ne’er mind ‘em. A thocht yis wis wintin’ folk phonin’ in wi’ weird experiences?
    PL: Welllllllll yes. Do you have any?
    Me: Aye! Foo mony div yi’ wint?
    PL: Oh! Ae! Just one would be fine.
    Me: Weel quine, twa or three month syne I was lyin’ in ma pit, fan ava sudden the coat hinger hingin’ on the coat hook on the back o’ ma bedroom door jumped aff an’ mooled aroon a’ wye ower ma room an’ landed on ma dressing table.
    PL: And what did you do?
    Me: I stopped drinkin’ cheap vodka.

    They didn’t let me on the programme.

  • Comment number 2.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.


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