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Get It On with Doctor Who

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Bryan Burnett | 11:49 UK time, Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bryan Burnett and the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith.jpg

Inverness has been overcome with Who fever this morning as the new series was premiered at Eden Court Theatre before an audience of invited schoolchildren.

I've just come off stage after hosting a Q&A with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, the new doctor and his companion. I can't tell you too much about the first episode (if I were you I would take the phone off the hook on Saturday night as you definetly won't want anyone interrupting) but I can tell you that Matt and Karen are a great combination and are going to be one of the coolest couples on TV. Despite the fact that Matt is sporting a tweed jacket and a bow tie he is without doubt a doctor for a new generation. Both Matt and Karen will be guests on tonight's Get It On and will tell us about their new roles. Karen also reveals how she got her start in acting right here in Eden Court Theatre. They will also both be choosing songs for tonight's theme which is science fiction. Email getiton@bbc.co.uk with your suggestions.

Photograph of the Doctor Who bus (by Miss Babs) in Inverness.


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    Earth to BBC. Please let me make my own mind up about Doctor Who. Or have the beeb only made one good show in the last 5 or 6 years? Cos DW is all we hear about. And the Radio Times is even worse. When the series gets going it has a special feature on DW every week - rendering it non-special. It's a good show, I'm not denying it. But enough already. And it hasn't even started...

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