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Fred MacAulay reflects on 13 years at BBC Radio Scotland

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Fred MacAulay | 15:25 UK time, Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm often asked... "How has the show changed over the years, Fred?" Well, apart from various name changes for the show, presentation styles (with/without co-hosts), production staff leaving, new production staff arriving, several BBC reviews of staffing numbers, a number of changes of office location at Queen Margaret Drive and at Pacific Quay, three different Heads of Radio Scotland, two different Controllers of BBC Scotland, numerous starting time changes and an equal number of changes to show durations... really, nothing much has changed. I still consider myself to have the best job on radio.

Fred MacAulay

One fairly substantial change happened a few years ago when it was decided that I didn't have to do a topical opening. I used to come in to the office early, read the papers for an hour or so and then knock out a topical opening. I have every one of them on file and randomly have selected this one from September 2nd 2005. It was the blog of its day, I suppose. (It's attached below). It was interesting to remember what was in the news at the time... I guess Mike (Lord) Watson was in court for his arson-about at Prestonfield Hotel... and Makosi was on Big Brother back in the days when I used to watch it. I'll maybe go back a few years another time and pull something out and see what I made of the news that day. We used to refer to it as the Freddietorial... which of course was certainly not nicked from one of my predecessors, Eddie Mair's "Eddietorials"

These were never gags that I could use as stand-up, but a nice way to start the shows, with a gentle poke at the news... what would I have done this morning? Probably an eight minute rant about how St Johnstone should be given the Premier League title since we hammered the (as yet not, but likely to be soon) 2010 Champions, Rangers 4-1 last night.

4 goals past an Old Firm team... Smith will be gone by Friday!

Hope you all enjoy the show... and continue to do so for another thirteen years....Here's the Freddietorial:

Freddietorial: Friday 2 Sep 2005

Anagram of Mike Watson... To draw nil smoke!

Beyonce Knowles....she stole the show at the MTV awards and her image is everywhere even in The Times as well as in the broadsheet Herald. Albeit their photo is pretty tame compared to the tabloids who have a shot of her.....and it's all thighs! There's no getting away from it...it's all thighs! I'm surprised they haven't done it over a two page spread.

The police are getting tough on the looters in New Orleans. It takes a special kind of mind to think...."NOW's the time to get myself a waterlogged laptop!"

Couple of pages devoted to hyping up Celebrity Shark Bait....presumably Ruby Wax has convinced herself that getting the great whites to slam into a cage is good for the endangered species. If this series works, look forward to next spring's Celebrity Poking Wasp Nests. Starring Abi Titmuss. She'll poke anything.

91 percent of the public surveyed said that they'd happily see Makosi deported even though she might get assaulted when she got to Zimbabwe. It was only 61 percent before the threat of violence.

Fred MacAulay is the presenter of BBC Radio Scotland's weekly morning show MacAulay and Co.


  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Fred,
    I really do enjoy the show as I listen every day on my walkman radio while I paint. The studios where I work are usually quiet and open plan. You are a master at the short pause followed by a humorous comment that gets me every time. I tend to chuckle before realising that the other artists can hear me in my studio and probably think I’m insane. I rate you my favourite presenter with Tom Morton a close second. I don’t tune in for news and current affairs programs but there are occasionally good half-hour shows after you finish. The Edinburgh Festival M&Co shows are brilliant! Thanks for making me smile all these years.

  • Comment number 2.

    afternoon Fred, a fine first blog , you and your colleagues have set me up for the day for a good few years now and have listened with interest as your show changes, all your colleague's come and go and your show just develops as it goes along, thanks for your efforts cheers , Sid.

  • Comment number 3.

    Hello! Is this Get It On? Is anybody there?

    Hmm. I knew I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque!

  • Comment number 4.

    I love Freds show when I get the chance to listen, his chat with the co-presenters is really good, I also like Susan Calman when she is in the seat.

    Chris Neil - whats that all about then?

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Fred,

    I just love the show, listen to it as much as possible. I love listening live, but often have to catch up on iplayer bacause of work. I enjoy all the teams input, specially Chris Neil whos' bizarre sense of humour is great.


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