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Links for 04-07-2008

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Tristan Ferne | 16:04 UK time, Friday, 4 July 2008

First, some radio related hacks from Mashed the other week...

Mashed remote contrib: BBC music genres meet last.fm (meets OAuth)
Dan Brickley, who wasn't at Mashed but still created something, writes about building a genre summary for a user based on their last.fm favourites and our /music genre data.

My Mashed 2008 Hack: Recommending BBC radio shows and artists
Patrick, one of our developers, writes about his Mashed hack to build a recommendation engine based on what radio shows played what bands. I'm trying to persuade him to write more on the Radio Labs blog.

Linking Open Data: BBC playcount data as linked data
Yves writes about his hack showing some of the power of RDF by linking the BBC programmes data with Musicbrainz.

And some other BBC prototyping and innovation work...

URIplay - DNS for media
"URIplay is a name service for media content, giving each file a URI and a simple description. Think of it as DNS for media." One of the first projects from George and the BBC RAD team.

BBCi Labs
The first of an approaching horde of BBC Labs blogs.

And finally...

Dead Media Beat: Postage Stamps About Radio History

Bruce Sterling wonders "...which will die first: analog radio, or printed paper postage stamp".

More at https://del.icio.us/tristanf/work



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