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We're Playing Your Song: Personalised Track Notifications over XMPP

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Matthew Wood | 15:32 UK time, Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Just a little XMPP toy: send the message lastfm yourlastfmusername to radio1@hug.hellomatty.com and we'll ping you when one of our music stations is playing a tune by an artist you like to listen to. Fun, huh?

Behind the scenes I'm pulling your last.fm profile via tastebroker.org which wrangles it into APML. This means I'm storing your preferences in a way that should work as well for speech shows as it does for music. So I could use tastebroker's view of your del.icio.us feed to let you know when Radio 4 is broadcasting something you might be interested in. But that's for another time...

(Oh, and if you want us to stop pinging you, just send forget me...)



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