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Pushing the Programmes Ontology - Programme Information over XMPP PubSub

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Matthew Wood | 18:55 UK time, Wednesday, 7 May 2008

If you've been following this blog you'll know that we're the team behind BBC Programmes. For some time now we've been leading the BBC's efforts to expose information about its radio and TV programmes on the web, for consumption by people and machines.

You may also have noticed that recently I've been spending a little too much time with XMPP.

Happily I've found a way to bring the two together: you can now get rich information about BBC radio shows pushed to you - as they are broadcast - over XMPP PubSub.

If you point your XMPP pubsub client at pubsub.hug.hellomatty.com you'll find a node for each of our national stations: /home/hug.hellomatty.com/radio1/onnow, /home/hug.hellomatty.com/radio2/onnow etc...

At the start of every radio broadcast I'm publishing metadata about that show to its station's node, wrapped in an Atom Entry. For your Linked Data entertainment it's also serialised as Turtle RDF conforming to the Programmes Ontology.

I can already think of a few things to do next...

  • Add BBC TV stations

  • Separate the delivery of the programme metadata (which we actually have before broadcast) from the 'on now' trigger event

... but I think this is a pretty interesting start. Maybe next we should try and use it to build a real EPG on a real radio...?

(And if you're lucky enough to be at XTech, go say hello to Michael, Nic, Patrick, Tom and Duncan who'll be talking about All This and More on Thursday...)



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