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  1. Help us test the new Radio 4 & 4 Extra homepage

    Nigel Smith

    Interactive Editor

    You may have noticed a link on the top of the Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra homepages pointing to 'RADIO BETA' and inviting you to 'Try it now and tell us what you think'. A 'beta' website is one that's still in development and being tested. This week we've started testing new beta homepages for R...

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  2. A new website for The Archers

    Leigh Aspin

    During the last 18 months, we've been relaunching parts of the Radio 4 website, redesigning for the wider page template now in use at and taking advantage of new technologies on offer. The last programme website to move across is one of our most popular - The Archers, which consistent...

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  3. Some changes to the Radio 4 web site

    Leigh Aspin

    Editor's note. In this blog post, Radio 4's Interactive Editor explains how important the views of web site users have been to the redesign of the site. Please take a minute to leave a comment here and tell us what you think of the changes to the Radio 4 site - SB. It's now over a year since we...

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  4. Roger Bolton talks to Steve Herrmann about the redesigned news homepage

    Roger Bolton

    Editor's note: this week's item from Feedback, Radio 4's accountability programme, concerns the redesign of one of the BBC's biggest web sites - SB. Most of the comments - OK, complaints - we get on Feedback are about programmes (and of course trails, and grammar and pronunciation and presenter...

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