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  1. How The West Was Fun: When Britain loved cowboys

    Samira Ahmed


    Samira Ahmed discusses how her Archive on Four: Riding Into Town explores the decades from the 30s to the 70s when Westerns ruled in Britain and why they were such a loved form of escapism.

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  2. Severed Threads: From Downtown Manhattan to Suburban Minneapolis

    Fred Greenhalgh

    Editor's note: radio drama rivals all other media as a source of innovation and adventurous story-telling technique. Fred Greenhalgh worked on a particularly adventurous example for the Afternoon Play slot at 1415 today. The video shows the recording of one scene on location in New York - SB Jo...

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  3. America, Empire of Liberty

    David Reynolds

    Editor's note: Radio 4's 90-part history series America, Empire of Liberty, ends today at 1545. Writer and presenter Professor David Reynolds reflects on the experience. "I hear you're doing some programmes about US history. How many?" "Ninety", I would say, a little sheepishly. Pause. Frown...

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