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  1. Pinocchio in Surround Sound

    Simon Tuff

    Simon Tuff, Principal Technologist for BBC Audion and Music Technology Team explains the different file formats available for Radio 4's Satuday Drama, Pinocchio.

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  2. In defence of trails

    Roger Bolton

    Editor's note: this week's item from Feedback, Radio 4's weekly accountability programme, concerns the highly contentious issue of trails. Putting his head in the lion's mouth to defend them is network manager, Denis Nowlan. Brave man - SB What is it about trails that so excites or rather infla...

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  3. Making podcasting more enticing

    Andrew Caspari

    At BBC Radio we are pretty proud of our success with podcasting. Around 10 million editions of BBC podcasts are downloaded each month in the UK - Around 20 million across the whole world. The numbers are impressive. However I often wonder whether we could do much better than that. "Ask not how ...

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