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  1. Radio 4 Extra: Responding to your feedback

    Mary Kalemkerian

    Hello again, I've been reading your comments and feedback on the blog and elsewhere and wanted to respond to some of the points that people have made. I commented last week on the blog and Streetlight2 has identified some of the other things many of you are asking about so I've based my answe...

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  2. New digital programmes - and a new name for Radio 7

    Tim Davie

    Director of Audio & Music

    Today we announced a series of new programmes which will be appearing on our digital radio stations. Also, we confirmed that we are changing the name of BBC Radio 7 to BBC Radio 4 Extra in April. You can find all the details in the press release. Some people have questioned why we are altering ...

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  3. CPLH and widening Radio 4's appeal - BBC Trustee David Liddiment on service licences

    Roger Bolton

    Editor's note: this week's Feedback focused on the English language, on Royal visits to Ambridge an on the conclusion of the BBC Trust's review of Radio 4 - SB. There are many incidental pleasures to be derived from the latest BBC Trust Review, a copy of which is now available on its website. ...

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  4. The BBC Trust's review of service licences for Radio 4 and Radio 7

    Gwyneth Williams

    The BBC Trust's service licence review was hugely positive for Radio 4 and Radio 7. I have seen some of the listeners' responses on Radio 4 to the Trust. We are widely considered a 'national treasure' and the appreciation for what we do is humbling. The Trust's reseach received a record number o...

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