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  1. Professor David Cannadine on Prime Ministers' Props

    Radio 4

    Professor David Cannadine on Prime Ministers' Props

    Professor Sir David Cannadine explores political fame and image by looking at how an object or prop, whether chosen deliberately or otherwise, can come to define a political leader.

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  2. In Our Time: The Corn Laws

    Melvyn Bragg

    Melvyn Bragg discusses this week's programme on The Corn Laws, as well as events from his week.

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  3. Feedback: Discussing Reflections with Lord Peter Hennessy

    Roger Bolton

    Peter Hennessy discusses the art of the political interview with Feedback's Roger Bolton.  His new series 'Reflections' on Radio 4 sees Hennessy discussing public and personal life with some of the most high-profile politicians of the second half of the twentieth century.

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  4. Cambridge Spies

    Martin Dempsey

    A season of prgrammes relating to The Cambridge Spies. A mix of comedy, dramas and features which relive the espionage scandal that rocked the nation.

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  5. The BBC's coverage of the death of Margaret Thatcher

    Roger Bolton

     The Head of the BBC Newsroom, Mary Hockaday, talks about the BBC's coverage of Margaret Thatcher's death.

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  6. The Thinking Allowed newsletter: We're all Labour here

    Laurie Taylor

    Editor's note: This episode of Thinking Allowed is available to download or listen to online on the Thinking Allowed podcast page. More listening options at the end of the post - PM. Even though my dad had to undergo 'instruction' by a priest before he was allowed to marry my Catholic mother ...

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  7. Five days, fifty eight minutes

    Matthew Solon

    Seismic events. An upheaval in the British political landscape. Radical change in the destiny of parties and political careers. The challenge - to capture the complex, fast-moving, five-day narrative of those events in just 58 minutes. There was no shortage of material. Transcripts of the many ...

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  8. Charm offensive? Nick Clegg on Desert Island Discs

    Roger Bolton

    In Feedback this week we discussed the deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg but listeners weren't concerned about what he said on Desert island Discs about his inability to give up smoking, or where he took his girlfriends in the days before he met his wife. No, our correspondents were concerned ab...

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  9. Analysis at forty

    Hugh Chignell

    The BBC is famously good at marking anniversaries. Wars, coronations, Darwin's birth, 'Dad's Army.' So it is right that the fortieth anniversary of Radio Four's Analysis, which takes place this year, should be marked in some way. It was at 21:15 on Friday 10 April 1970 that the voice of the urba...

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  10. The end of the affair

    Gwyneth Williams

    Editor's note: Radio 4's new Controller has been in the job for three weeks. Her second blog post concerns the party conferences, poetry and anagrams - SB. The End of the Affair - I mean the party conference season. The Today Programme's set of leader interviews was unmissable. Ingredients: tak...

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