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  1. A History of Britain in (some rather surprising) Numbers

    Radio 4

    A History of Britain in Numbers reveals some surprizing stats about modern life. From rotten teeth to toilet arrangements to women's roles to austerity, here's a taster of some of the numerical insights that the team have unearthed.

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  2. Cambridge Spies

    Martin Dempsey

    A season of prgrammes relating to The Cambridge Spies. A mix of comedy, dramas and features which relive the espionage scandal that rocked the nation.

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  3. Dr Johnson's syllables - selections from his dictionary

    Simon Elmes

    Radio Producer

    Editor's note - Simon Elmes is Radio 4's Creative Director, producer of some of the network's most important arts programming and author of a history of Radio 4. He's recorded 18 definitions from Dr Johnson's great 1755 dictionary for broadcast between programmes between 5 and 18 September - fro...

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