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  1. Desert Island Discs: Aung San Suu Kyi

    Cathy Drysdale

    Desert Island Discs Series Producer, Cathy Drysdale, tells the story behind the recording of Kirsty Young's interview with Aung San Suu Kyi for Desert Island Discs at her home in Naypyitaw, Burma on 18 December 2012.

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  2. Desert Island Discs: Release of New Programme Fragments

    Alison Hughes

    Editor's note: Desert Island Discs has just released over 200 programme fragments which have been painstakingly restored from different sources including the British Library. Here, Alison Hughes, producer of Desert Island Discs talks about the latest archive project. PM Christmas has come ...

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  3. 70 not out - a new book marks Desert Island Discs anniversary

    Rebecca Stratford

    Roy Plomley, deviser of Desert Island Discs, and presenter of the programme from 1942 to 1985. Freelance producer Roy Plomley was wearing his pyjamas on a cold November night in 1941 when he jotted down the idea for a programme in which a person is asked the question "if you were wrecked o...

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  4. Desert Island Discs Prom - Live Chat

    Jane Long

    Play clips from the evening, and scroll down to replay the live chat from the concert. Listen to Part 1 of the concert (expires on Monday 10 September) Listen to Part 2 of the concert (expires on Monday 10 September) Desert Island Discs 70th Anniversary Prom To...

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  5. 70 years of Desert Island Discs

    Paul Murphy

    Senior Producer, A&Mi

    Ed's note: This Sunday sees the 70th anniversary edition of Desert Island Discs, where Sir David Attenborough, in the company of Kirsty Young, chooses his eight tracks, book and luxury item. Here producer Leanne Buckle reflects on her eight years on the programme - PM. Leanne Buckle...

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  6. Remembering Sir Harry Secombe and Neddie Seagoon

    Martin Dempsey

    Tea for the Goons in 1958 - from left to right - Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe How would you react to the phrases "needle-nardle-noo" or "what, what, what what, what!"? Naturally, context is everything. In response to the query "what are you doing in my bathroom?" well,...

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  7. Choosing your Desert Island Discs

    Alice Feinstein

    Editor, Woman's Hour

    One desert island, only eight tracks of music to keep you company. What will you choose? From today Kirsty Young is offering you a unique opportunity to take part in Desert Island Discs. Cast yourself away and share the eight tracks that you would take with you to a desert island. All yo...

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  8. Desert Island Discs on mobile: A 70 year radio archive in your pocket

    David Jones

    At Radio 4, we've been trying to make the experience of listening to programmes on the internet as comfortable as listening live on a radio set. For far too long, listening online has meant things like retreating to a dark home office where your computer lives, or precariously balancing your lap...

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  9. Radio 4 Extra: Responding to your feedback

    Mary Kalemkerian

    Hello again, I've been reading your comments and feedback on the blog and elsewhere and wanted to respond to some of the points that people have made. I commented last week on the blog and Streetlight2 has identified some of the other things many of you are asking about so I've based my answe...

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  10. Welcome to Radio 4 Extra

    Mary Kalemkerian

    After we bid a fond farewell to BBC Radio 7 after over 8 years on-air - what a delight to be able instead to welcome you to the world of BBC Radio 4 Extra. Whether you're a newbie or one of our loyal band of followers - I can promise you plenty to enjoy in our new schedule, which kicks off tomo...

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