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  1. The great thinkers of the last 63 years - all in one place

    Andrew Caspari

    Rarely if ever can BBC Radio 4's Reith Lectures have caused such a stir as they have this year. What is more, this year the conversation has started before a word of Aung San Suu Kyi's lectures has been broadcast. (On Radio 4 at 9.00am on Tuesday 28 June.) On the Radio 4 website there will be fu...

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  2. The making of Radio 4's election night highlights

    Hugh Levinson

    edits BBC Radio current affairs programmes, including Crossing Continents and From Our Own Correspondent

    Editor's note: listen to the 15-minute montage of Radio 4's election night coverage below - it's a real rollercoaster - and it was delivered minutes after the programme went off-air. I asked Hugh Levinson, who made the montage with colleague Tom Brignell, to tell us how they did it - SB. Our mi...

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  3. The leaders' debates on radio

    Roger Bolton

    I hope you are not disappointed by this week's blog! I would have liked to avoid commenting on the election coverage since many Feedback correspondents are threatening to leave the country if Radio 4 keeps on clearing its schedules for the prime ministerial debates which are being transmitted a...

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  4. Strong language at teatime on Radio 4

    Roger Bolton

    Whenever the BBC surveys its audience to find out what it least likes - bad language is usually at, or near, the top of the list. Even those who enjoy using occasional expletives in company don't seem to want to hear them on the radio, and certainly not when children are around. So why did the ...

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