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  1. Stephen Fry Comedy Controller on Radio 4 Extra

    Peter McHugh


    Stephen Fry chooses his favourite comedies from the BBC radio archive as Comedy Controller on Radio 4 Extra.

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  2. Feedback: Radio Comedy and 30 day iPlayer

    Roger Bolton

    Feedback is presented by Roger Bolton

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  3. The Cold Swedish Winter: Six Ways To Become a Swede

    Danny Robins

    Writer and Comedian

    Comedian and writer, Danny Robins writes about his new comic drama on Radio 4 - The Cold Swedish Winter.

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  4. Feedback: Bad Salsa

    Roger Bolton

    Roger Bolton discusses the new comedy series Bad Salsa on BBC Radio 4.

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  5. June Spencer (Peggy Archer) shines at the 2014 BBC Audio Drama Awards

    Alison Hindell

    Alison Hindell, head of BBC Audio Drama pays tribute to June Spencer (Peggy Archer) and the many actors, writers and producers who won at the 2014 Audio Drama Awards.

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  6. Feedback: From The Edinburgh Festival 2013

    Roger Bolton

    Editor's Note: Roger Bolton discusses this week's Feedback, a special programme from the Edinburgh Festival.

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  7. Editing The Now Show

    Colin Anderson

    Producer, Now Show

    The producer of The Now Show explains how he decides what gags stay in the programme and what gets cut out during the editing process.

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  8. Machynlleth Comedy Festival

    Richard Culver

    Executive Producer, Promotions

    Richard Culver, Executive Producer for Radio 4 & 4 Extra promotions, discusses Radio 4 Extra's Comedy Club visit to the Machynlleth Comedy Festival last year, and what lies in store for this year.

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  9. James Acaster's Findings: the Bread Restaurant

    James Acaster


    Comedian James Acaster proposes a new concept of diner; the 'Bread Restaurant', as a result of his research into bread for new comedy show, James Acaster's Findings.

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  10. I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, Again: A Legacy of Laughs?

    Nick St George

    Producer, Radio 4 Extra

    Is there any thread that links I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again to it's famous TV decendants, Monty Python or The Goodies? Producer Nick St George reflects on ISIRTA's legacy of laughs.

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