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  1. Edgar Wallace: The Man Who Wrote Too Much?

    Peter McHugh


    Producer Peter McHugh joins crime writer Mark Billingham as he investigates why Edgar Wallace 'King of Thrillers' is fast becoming a literary unknown.

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  2. The Woman's Hour Collection

    Radio 4

    Judi Dench, Mary Quant, Winnie Mandela, French & Saunders, Enid Blyton...  A selection of the unexpected and delightful interviews that have been newly restored to the Woman's Hour archive.

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  3. Cambridge Spies

    Martin Dempsey

    A season of prgrammes relating to The Cambridge Spies. A mix of comedy, dramas and features which relive the espionage scandal that rocked the nation.

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  4. George Mackay Brown and Orkney

    Alison Miller

    Reader in Residence

     Reader in Residence at Orkney Library and Archive, Alison Miller, discusses the life of the Orkney writer George Mackay Brown.

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  5. Submit the first lines of your memoir to Radio 4

    Ian McMillan


    What would the first line of your memoir be? Ian McMillan encourages people to submit the first line of their memoir in the comments section of this blog.

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  6. Desert Island Discs now includes programmes from the Roy Plomley years

    Katherine Campbell

    Senior Producer, Radio 4

    Margaret Lockwood records for the BBC. Her Desert Island Discs programme was made in 1951 and is the earliest download available from the latest archive launch. John Calver writes about the painstaking proccess in sourcing and restoring 456 programmes and downloads from the Roy Plomle...

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  7. Archive on 4: After the Dictator

    Phil Tinline


    Ed's note: Following recent events in Libya this Saturday's Archive on 4 explores what happens after dictators leave power - PM. Portrait of Chaiman Mao Tse Tung on the wall of the Forbidden City, 2001 Last Thursday at 12.52pm, a BBC Breaking News alert popped up in my email: ...

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  8. Tears in Perivale - Feedback in the archives

    Roger Bolton

    What is the best way to recapture one's childhood? My memory is notoriously selective and needs a prod if I am to venture off the well worn paths. Often that is provided by a smell. Whenever fresh tarmac is being laid on a road I linger half-intoxicated by the smell and the memory it evokes of ...

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  9. In Our Time: To download, keep and listen whenever you want

    Melvyn Bragg

    I was surprised but obviously delighted when, seven years ago, I was told that In Our Time was to become the first BBC programme to be podcast - but, to be honest, I didn't quite know what it meant at the time. It turned out to mean a very great deal. Thus strikes the law of unexpected consequen...

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  10. Eliza Manningham-Buller's second Reith Lecture: Security

    Jennifer Clarke

    Editor's note: This Tuesday morning Radio 4 broadcasts Eliza Manningham-Buller's second Reith Lecture, Security, at 09.00 BST. It will be repeated on Saturday 17 September at 22.15 BST - PM. In Security, recorded last week in Leeds, Baroness Manningham-Buller argues that the securi...

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