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Knitters of the world unite!

Katherine Campbell

Senior Producer, Radio 4

As we crawl through January, our challenge to you is to knit Radio 4. We’ll be featuring programmes, patterns and video on the Radio 4 site, and, we hope, examples of the nation’s knitting prowess.

So please get knitting. Here are some ideas knits that could represent our august network …

  • Radios, microphones, studios
  • Presenters (can you knit John Humphrys?)
  • Feminism; Fighting for your rights (Woman’s Hour, You and Yours)
  • Food, Vegetables, Plants (The Food Programme, Gardeners’ Question Time
  • Poetry, History, Philosophy (Poetry Please, In Our Time, History of Ideas)
  • Animals, farming (Farming Today, Tweet of the Day)
  • The Archers (Lower Loxley, Ambridge, David Archer …)

And if you don’t knit, anything yarn-based - crochet, macrame would also be great.

Send links to existing or new work via Twitter (use @BBCRadio4 and #KnitR4 in your tweets) or in replies to this post on Facebook – by Friday 22 January. Knitters of the world unite - let’s cheer up January.

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