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  1. Big Ben bongs

    Big Ben bongs

    Big Ben is iconic and plays a crucial role here at BBC Radio 4 at various key time points during the day. So, there has been much discussion about what to do when Big Ben falls silent from Monday 21 August, while the clock tower undergoes refurbishment.

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  2. The Shipping Forecast

    Denis Nowlan, Network Manager of BBC Radio 4 talks here about the importance of The Shipping Forecast to the Radio 4 audience. 

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  3. Behind the scenes at Radio 4 for Children in Need

    Radio 4 is supporting this year's Children In Need with our first ever auction of Radio 4-related experiences and items. There's also a text competition for a VIP day behind the scenes at Radio 4. Find out more.  

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  4. Changes to the schedule following Baroness Thatcher’s death

    Details of Radio 4 schedule changes to allow Baroness Thatcher’s life and achievements to be fully remembered and assessed.

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  5. The Radio 4 Christmas Appeal

    Some of Radio 4's best known voices will be taking shifts with the phone team at St Martin-in-the-Fields on Trafalgar Square.

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  6. Harriet Cass and Charlotte Green

    It has been reported that Radio 4 is to close two posts in its presentation team and that Harriet Cass and Charlotte Green are to leave us next year. Here's the background. Charlotte Green By the end of 2012, the whole of the BBC news operation will have moved from Television centre ...

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  7. A day with the Radio 4 Christmas Appeal

    As I emerge from the Tube at Embankment, I step over a pile of crushed cardboard boxes, surrounded by a scatter of tins. Somebody's bed last night. It's after 9am but the cold still strikes through my fleece and I'm glad to get indoors at the building opposite St Martin-in-the-Fields which house...

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  8. What happened to the Radio 4 pips?

    There was nation wide alarm last night when the Greenwich Time Signal pips failed to sound at 5pm. The disconcerting silence made the front page of today's Telegraph. All sorts of conspiracy theories are circulating. I've been down to the Starship Enterprise-like control room of Broadcastin...

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  9. The shipping forecast vs The Ashes on Radio 4 LW

    We had long discussion yesterday, considering various tactics for avoiding a possible clash between the late night Shipping Forecast and the end of the last Test Match. Could we only carry it on FM and DAB? That wouldn't work for mariners far from land as they rely on the carrying power of Long ...

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  10. Repeating the Now Show...

    Editor's note: Radio 4's network manager explains three recent on-air errors - SB Radio 4 broadcasts 13,000 programmes a year - a hugely complex mix of human activity and technology which, most of the time, comes out of the speaker in a seamless stream of beautifully crafted radio. Which makes ...

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