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  1. Back to School with 4Extra

    Back to School with 4Extra

    A new season of programmes that explore that near universal of experiences: school days.

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  2. Miriam Margolyes’ Adventures in Radio: “on radio….you can be anyone….”

    Miriam Margolyes’ Adventures in Radio: “on radio….you can be anyone….”

    Actress Miriam Margolyes looks back over her radio lives, choosing her favourite performances from the BBC Radio Archive.

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  3. Edgar Wallace: The Man Who Wrote Too Much?

    Producer Peter McHugh joins crime writer Mark Billingham as he investigates why Edgar Wallace 'King of Thrillers' is fast becoming a literary unknown.

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  4. Stephen Fry Comedy Controller on Radio 4 Extra

    Stephen Fry chooses his favourite comedies from the BBC radio archive as Comedy Controller on Radio 4 Extra.

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  5. James Baldwin 90th Anniversary: No Complaints

    Radio 4 Extra presents a programme about James Baldwin, American novelist, playwright, poet and polemicist.

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  6. Ever Increasing Wonder - Remembering Richard Briers

    Producer Peter McHugh on 'Ever Increasing Wonder', BBC Radio 4 Extra's tribute to the late Richard Briers, Christmas Day 2013.

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  7. Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out: Mark Billingham's Rule Book of Crime

    Producer Peter McHugh discusses 'Mark Billingham's Rule Book of Crime', and what it was that started Mark's crime obsession.

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  8. Radio 4 Extra: Comedy Controller: Alexei Sayle

    Editor's note: You can hear Comedy Controller: Alexei Sayle on Radio 4 Extra on Saturday 20 October at 9am and 7pm and for seven days after transmission on the iPlayer. PM One of the great moments when Alexei Sayle interviews Lenny Henry on Radio 4's Chain Reaction is when Lenny tells him how...

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  9. Radio 4 Extra - Just a Minute: Without Hesitation

    On a cold winter's evening I made my way to London's BBC Television Centre. Something rather special was taking place. To celebrate 45 years of a classic radio comedy show, those rich cousins in TV were recording a special series of Just a Minute, featuring its ever present chairman, Nicholas Pa...

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  10. Just One More Thing: Columbo!

    The raincoat, the cigar, the spluttering convertible car, the villain's deed in the first scene and the final "...just one more thing". The American TV detective series Columbo was a literature inspired, award-winning, rule-breaking, television original spanning over thirty years. It turned ...

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  11. Radio 4 Extra - June Whitfield interviewed: Take It From June

    As I rummaged in the BBC archive searching for programmes to celebrate June Whitfield's radio years, a thought popped into my head. Should the history of British radio and TV have a special new acronym - TBJ - Time Before June? As you'll hear this Saturday on Radio 4 Extra June Whitfield joke...

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