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  1. Radio 4 Extra celebrates Roald Dahl

    Today, Tuesday 13 September, is the 95th anniversary of the birth of Roald Dahl, a hugely popular and prolific writer who has been referred to as "one of the greatest story-tellers for children of the twentieth century". Dahl's memorable and magical books for children include: Charlie and the Ch...

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  2. Daleks on the 7th Dimension: The voice meets the philosopher

    The 7th Dimension, featuring sci-fi, fantasy and horror programmes was always one of the most popular zones on Radio 7, and continues to be on Radio 4 Extra. With the strand broadcasting one hour every day and repeated at midnight, it is quite a challenge to track down enough archive material...

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  3. Bob Block: Life with the Lyons on 4 Extra

    Bob Block was a comedy writer whose name might not be familiar to you, but you've more than likely heard or seen some of his work. Here's a clue to one programme you might remember if you're of a certain vintage: "It's Friday! It's 5 o'clock! And it's...... Crackerjack!" Apart from Bo...

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  4. Celebrating the lives of great entertainers: Radio 4 Extra's May anniversaries

    With Union Jack flags fluttering the length of Regent Street, London, you can certainly tell that there's some sort of celebration in the air. At Radio 4 Extra, we aren't planning to broadcast any weddings, royal or otherwise, but as an archive network on which comedy is a high proportion of ...

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  5. Radio 4 Extra: Responding to your feedback

    Hello again, I've been reading your comments and feedback on the blog and elsewhere and wanted to respond to some of the points that people have made. I commented last week on the blog and Streetlight2 has identified some of the other things many of you are asking about so I've based my answe...

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  6. Radio 4 Extra - the first week

    Radio 4 Extra is almost one week old - and we've all been delighted to read far more publicity for the network than we ever expected. Our notice boards are groaning with press cuttings of previews and reviews from a wide variety of newspapers across the UK. We also made a number of feature pages...

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  7. Welcome to Radio 4 Extra

    After we bid a fond farewell to BBC Radio 7 after over 8 years on-air - what a delight to be able instead to welcome you to the world of BBC Radio 4 Extra. Whether you're a newbie or one of our loyal band of followers - I can promise you plenty to enjoy in our new schedule, which kicks off tomo...

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