A Radio 4 Tweetup in London

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Meet fellow Radio 4 listeners at the first Radio 4 Tweetup.

UPDATE. The venue for tonight's (4 February 2010) Radio 4 Tweetup has been set: we'll meet in the upstairs room at the Horse & Groom in Great Portland Street, right round the corner from Broadcasting House, from 1930 (details here). The room's not booked exclusively for us, but the landlord's expecting us. If you're planning on coming, tweet the hashtag #R4tweetup.

If you've requested a place on the tour of Broadcasting House that's taking place at 1815, take a look at the Twitter list to see if your name's down and meet no later than 1800 in the lobby at BH. Security is very strict and badges will have to be issued based on my guest list. I'm taking names from Twitter accounts so do email me if you want to use a different name steve.bowbrick@bbc.co.uk. The tour is now full, by the way, and the organisers are very firm about not exceeding twenty guest so please let me know if you can't come.

Next week is social media week, an international festival of social media activities - conferences, workshops and meetups in six major cities, intended 'to advance uses of social media in the corporate, public and non-profit sectors.' We've decided to chip into the programme of activity in London with a Radio 4 tweetup (that's a Twitter meetup, an informal gathering organised on Twitter) on Thursday 4 February at 1930 in the vicinity of Broadcasting House, Radio 4's central London home. It's open to all Radio 4 listeners and there's no programme of activity, no speakers and no turns. There's also no charge. It's not an official event, just an opportunity for Radio 4 listeners to gather in one place and take refreshment. And, of course, you don't need to be on Twitter. I'm leaving the venue open for the time being because I'm uncertain as to how many people will come but it might take place at the nearby BBC Club or in a friendly pub.

Here's how to join in:

First of all, make sure you're following @radio4blog on Twitter, then reply, telling the world you're going to come, using the hashtag #R4tweetup. I'll publish details of the tweetup venue here and on Twitter when it's decided. Please enthusiastically retweet so that we get a good number of attendees! If you're not on Twitter, email me at steve.bowbrick@bbc.co.uk.

And there's more! I've arranged for a tour of Broadcasting House at 1815 on the same evening. It's open to anyone who's coming to the #R4tweetup and it's free but there are only twenty places so you'll need to secure your place quickly. Do so by tweeting with the hash tag #R4tour. I'll allocate the places in two batches - one available from now and one early next week, so people who miss the first lot will get another chance next week.

The tour, provisionally, includes: an overview of Broadcasting House and the huge new BBC development that's going up next door, the Art Deco Reception Area, The Radio Theatre, the 'Artists' Lobby', Lord Reith's Council Chamber, the 7th floor balcony overlooking Regents Street and, depending on whether they're in use or not, a visit to a studio. Afterwards we'll go to the tweetup venue and talk Radio 4 and social media into the small hours (or whatever).

Hope you can come.

Steve Bowbrick is editor of the Radio 4 blog

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