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Saturday Live: Val McDermid, Ulrika Jonsson and Glenn Tilbrook's Inheritance Tracks

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Reverend Richard Coles Reverend Richard Coles 15:00, Friday, 16 November 2012

Editor's Note: Saturday Live is Radio 4's Saturday morning magazine show featuring extraordinary stories and remarkable people. You can listen to the show here. In this blog presenter Richard Coles gives us an insight into his week and looks ahead to the next show. - CM

Saturday Live Guest Book

Lenny Henry's message in the Saturday Live guest book.

Lonjeray. Why do we pronounce lingerie lonjeray? I can understand how something that smacks faintly of sauciness we want to dress up in French, French being the language of duvets and ooh la la!, but why do we mispronounce it too? Lonjeray, a bit mademoiselle from Armentiers parlay voo, why not say lanzheree or an English sounding linjerie?

This has been much in my mind following the triumph we had at the Bowls Club the other night with a Fashion Show in support of our Organ Restoration Fund. We've never had a fashion show in Finedon before and our dressier ladies and gents have had to go two miles down the road to smart Burton Latimer to be truly a la mode. Perhaps the novelty, then, explained the popularity of the evening - we sold out, the Bowls Club was packed to the gunwales while a load of our ladies (and three of our gents) admired the twenty outfits that floated by, modelled by members of the congregation, who got a 20% discount for their pains.

In the eighties, when I was more in that world than this, I used to go to fashion shows sometimes and found them terrifying, partly because I could make Armani look like Primark merely by trying it on, partly because I have always felt cowed by the glamorous. And I don't get it, why that hemline is better than another hemline, or the difference between taupe and a biscuity mushroom.

This is not inverse snobbery - I would dearly love to get it and can be most particular about a mezzo's fach or a Precentor's epiclesis - but fashion on the whole defeats me. I may have been defeated, but I wasn't intimidated by our show, however; the clothes were within the realm of the wearable and the affordable, and there was Tea and a raffle which always helps; but mostly it was because we all knew each other, which took the terror out of it. Also we were raising money for our Organ Restoration Fund, a noble cause for which we have to dig deep, and there was something faintly virtuous about that which helped too.

Saturday Live Guest Book

Ben Elton's message in the Saturday Live Guest Book.

A propos virtue, for Children in Need we're putting up this year's Guest Book for auction, signed by all the great and good who have been on the programme, from Joan Collins to Tom Hollander to Edwina Currie, and it could be yours simply by clicking around our website. Give it a go?

Why not also give the programme a go on Saturday? We'll be talking to the crime writer Val McDermid and ex-offender Junior Smart who is helping gangsters stay on the straight and narrow, broadcaster Jeremy Vine talks about his early career on Drainpipe Radio, TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson reveals her Secret Life, John McCarthy continues his exploration of Utrecht and Squeeze's Glenn Tilbrook shares his Inheritance Tracks.

And by the way, the tunic is going to be HUGE in Finedon next season.



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