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More Than Words - A Quick Q&A with Stuart Goldsmith

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Clarissa Maycock 14:17, Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Editor's Note: Stuart Goldsmith is an actor and stand-up comic who has appeared on CBBC and performed solo shows at the Edinburgh Festival. He is performing at the Bristol Comedy Night which takes places during the More Than Words festival in Bristol this weekend. He looks ahead to the festival by asking himself some searching questions. - CM

Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith is performing at the Bristol Comedy Night.

How do you find Bristolian audiences?

I was born in Bristol but left when I was seven years old – I just felt I'd “done” it. It's lovely to be back though. The audiences are always great, especially in Bedminster where my godchildren live. You're guaranteed a lively bunch who want to have fun, but also want to hear what you have to say.

What are you most looking forward to at the more than words festival?

I'm a big fan of Edward Lear, so the prospect of Michael Rosen recording “A Load Of Nonsense” is pretty enticing – I'm also hoping local poet Caleb Parkin is going to do his stuff about vermin at some point.

Do you find stand-up comedy scary?

It was scary to begin with, but I used to be a street-performer (I've done the Bristol Harbour Festival more than once), and hecklers are easier to deal with than dogs, rain or policemen.

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm writing a show for the Edinburgh Fringe, which is going to be all about my faults. I'm trying to be as honest as possible about all the things which make me a terrible person, and hope they resonate with my audience.

What sort of faults are we talking about?

Vanity mostly. Selfishness, greed, abdicating responsibility, and introducing myself to someone that I had slept with. True story. Eek.

Can we look forward to hearing about that at the show on Friday?

God no, it's going to be broadcast on the radio. I don't want my mum hearing it...

How do you cope with the pressures of being so incredibly handsome?

Oh, stop.

No seriously, you're a great-looking guy, it must be tough to get the audience on side sometimes?

Well, I find it helps when I can write my own Q&A questions.

Do you fancy a drink after?

Sure; mine's a pint of cider, a bit of space to myself and a big mirror.

Stuart Goldsmith is performing on the Bristol Comedy Night which takes place at the More Than Words Festival on 16th March. The Bristol Comedy Night will be broadcast on BBC Radio Bristol.

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