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The Telegraph's Gillian Reynolds in conversation with Radio 4's Gwyneth Williams

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Paul Murphy Paul Murphy 21:01, Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Gillian Reynolds and Gwyn Williams

Gillian Reynolds and Gwyn Williams at the Media Society organised event

I mentioned in Monday's round up of what the critics were saying about Radio 4's schedule change that the Telegraph's radio reviewer Gillian Reynolds would be meeting Radio 4's controller at an event to talk about her first year in the job.

Gillian Reynolds is a classy interviewer who knows what she's talking about and while charm might be her main means to getting an answer, she isn't shy in saying when she disagrees.

Gwyneth Williams talked about her previous role at the World Service and the importance of radio to her growing up in apartheid era South Africa: "We would listen to the radio to find out the truth."

Williams also revealed that previous controller of Radio 4 Mark Damazer still phones her up regularly - but not as much as he used to.

The interview was recorded and will be available as a video in the next day or two on the College of Journalism website (Ed's update: The video of the interview is on CoJo's YouTube channel.) You'll be able to see Gillian Reynolds expand on her view of what's wrong with TV news ("Picture first, sense last") and Gwyneth Williams on how she feels the Sunday night comedy slot is going.

In the meantime I'll leave you with Williams recalling one of the first letters she got from a listener welcoming her to the Radio 4 role:

"Dear Controller of Radio 4,
Now that the last controller has left (to, I hope, the innermost of Dante's circles of Hell) is there any chance of getting the UK theme back?"

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