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Finding an excuse to go into the cubicle

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Sarah  Morrison Sarah Morrison 16:31, Thursday, 26 November 2009

Archers studio phone

It's been a strange old day! Having spent a year on attachment covering Sonja Cooper (Sonja wrote a blog post as part of Archers Week yesterday), in our Technical Broadcast's Assistant's role, it's my first day back in my old role of Broadcast Assistant. It's quite a change going from compiling the programme in an editing suite all day or going out on location recording sound effects, to being back at the hub of it all in the middle of the office. I'll miss the creative side of the technical work, but there's something nice about being back working alongside fellow Broadcast Assistant Sally Lloyd and the team again and being in on all the office gossip!

I've spent the day acclimatising myself to my new desk and drawers - the office has moved since I was last in this post and I now have an uncluttered view of Sally sitting opposite me, busily tying up the loose ends of the last few days of casting for our December and January studios.

The last time we worked alongside each other was nearly two years ago, before I left to go on maternity leave to have my son and then go on attachment - so everything's feeling very different and new. Although I've worked in the building this past year, the actors have been welcoming me back as I pass them in the corridor - presumably I've been invisible before! But it's nice to stop and chat.

My favourite part of this job is assisting on our studio recording days and we're in the middle of that now - Nigel (played by Graham Seed) has just popped by the office with a work query and I've just been showing Nic (played by Becky Wright) the latest picture of my son!

I love the feel of this period in our working cycle each month - it's what all the casting, writing, story-lining and paperwork culminate in and there's such a feel of family between the cast and production team. I've just nipped into the studio cubicle to have a quick chat with the crew - I love the cubicle and will find any excuse to go in there to see what's going on. With Michael, the Studio Manager on panel, Kath, the Grams Operator sorting out recorded sound effects and Liza the Spot SM creating sound effects live in studio - it's an interesting place to be. And the process is all so fast!

Anyway, having sorted out my work space, I'm all set to get my head down and get stuck into the job. Although I might just pop and have a cup of tea first...

Sarah Morrison is a Broadcast Assistant on The Archers


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