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Twin Sisters, Two Faiths

Mark Damazer Mark Damazer 13:00, Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I caught a wonderful programme on Sunday afternoon - Twin Sisters, Two Faiths.

It was about identical twins - one of whom was a practising Christian - the other a practising Muslim. Their mother - dying from cancer - was an agnostic but clearly more comfortable with one religion than the other.

The three of them spoke honestly - over a period of time - about their feelings for one another and the importance of their religious views. The emotional and intellectual gaps between them were very apparent despite obvious family love. Because the reporter - Anna Scott-Brown - recorded them over a period of time an intriguing story developed - which I will not reveal in the hope that you will listen to the programme to find out. In some ways the programme was a drama - as well as an exploration of the strength of faith and difference.

I met someone on Friday (a normal Radio 4 listener) who said we had trailed it too heavily. But I think we really ought to shout about the best things we have - even if heavy listeners (over 20 hours a week of listening) - understandably come across the trail more than they might like.

Listen to the programme again here:

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  • Comment number 1.

    We've been discussing your blog on 'The Choice is Yours' message board, Mark.


    'Tykelip' made the point that you are hardly 'doing religion' here, merely plugging R4 programmes. Fair enough, although who reads it! The actual programme was pretty good, Mark, as far R4 programmes go, even if you have managed to escape the merciless atheists of the 'Thought for the Day' brigade.

    'Twin Sisters, Two Faiths' is hardly going to convert anyone into a Crusader or a Jihadist, which is probably sensible enough, given the circumstances.

    "O tempora o mores!"


    Perhaps you should simply join us all for a drink at the Proms Literary Festival before prom 7, Mark?


    Cheers and all the best!

    c & the gang.



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