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  1. Jazz Record Requests at 50

    Alyn Shipton

    Writer, Broadcaster, Jazz Historian

    Jazz Record Requests at 50

    Jazz Record Requests at 50 - the longest running jazz radio programme anywhere in the world.

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  2. We're going behind the beard - The Brahms Experience

    Tom Service

    Presenter Radio 3

    Tom Service writes about how the Brahms Experience season on Radio 3 will hopefully reveal another side to the visionary composer.

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  3. Music and the Great War on BBC Playlister

    Janet Tuppen

    Producer, Radio 3

    Explore Radio 3's collection of music on BBC Playlister, bringing together music associated with World War One.

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  4. Pulling out all the stops, blowing all the fuses

    Christopher Tinker

    The 1971 British premiere of Ligeti's organ work 'Volumina' at the Royal Festival Hall blew all the fuses and left the hall in silence.

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  5. For Children in Need - the ultimate musical battle

    Steve Bowbrick

    Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    Steve Bowbrick introduces Radio 3's Ultimate Musical Battle: Wagner vs Verdi. Little Mix vs One Direction. Girls vs boys. And all for Children in Need.

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  6. Greg Doran's Private Passions recipe is a love letter

    Elizabeth Burke

    Producer Elizabeth Burke writes about the joy of producing Radio 3's Private Passions and shares a recipe from this week's guest Greg Doran.

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  7. A new schedule for Radio 3 at the weekend

    Roger Wright

    Controller, Radio 3

    Controller Roger Wright describes changes to Radio 3's weekend schedule.

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  8. Composer of the Week at 70

    Chris Taylor

    Executive Producer, R3

    BBC Radio 3's 'Composer of the Week' is seventy years old today.

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  9. Recording a new choral work with the BBC Singers

    Stephen Jeffes

    BBC Singers

    The BBC Singers record a new choral work by tenor Stephen Jeffes and Grace Rossier at the Roundhouse in North London.

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  10. Help us test a new way to listen to concerts online

    Steve Bowbrick

    Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    Radio 3 is trying out a new way to listen to concerts online with friends. It's called 'Concert Club' and you're invited to help us test it.

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