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  1. Drama of the Free Thinking Drama ...

    Graeme Kay

    Producer, R3 Multiplatform

    Broadcasting live radio drama is a seat-of-the-pants exercise. Producer Kate Rowland describes what goes in to this Sunday's Free Thinking Drama from Gateshead's Baltic Exchange ... Each year the Freethinking drama does two things to me, it gives me a huge creative adrenalin rush, and in equa...

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  2. Free Thinking online and in living colour

    Steve Bowbrick

    Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    Free Thinking, Radio 3's annual festival of ideas, is this weekend. It starts on Friday evening with a special In Tune, live from The Sage Gateshead, and the festival goes on all weekend, covering dozens of big issues. The theme this year is 'them and us'. The band of interesting, provocative...

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