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Weekend TV Movies To Watch

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Producer Chris | 15:58 UK time, Friday, 27 November 2009

So a Friday night is upon us, and here at Radio 1's Team Movies we've decided to not go  out this weekend because there are some pretty, pretty, pretty good films on the TV to keep us company.

But what films are they I hear you cry? Well here are some top tips for what to watch if you're staying in. Oh, if you're going out you can stick them on your generic hard disc digital recording device.

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading
Friday 9:00pm Sky Movies Screen HD2

Star-studded but frustrating Coen Bros comedy. A quiffed Brad Pitt steals it.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Friday 11.05pm ITV1

You've never seen this? You need it! Great action comedy that signalled Rob Downey Jnr's return to the living.

Star Wars
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Saturday 4.45pm ITV1

It's the best one because it's not directed by George 'Gimme more CGI! I NEED MORE CGI!!!!!' Lucas.

Jim Carrey
Bruce Almighty
Saturday 9.45pm BBC Three

'Okay Mr Carrey. Just pretend you're God and show off a bit, the audience will love it'. We did.

Ewan McGregor
Sunday 6:25pm Channel 4

When Ewan McGregor started doing stuff like this I knew it was all down hill.

Danny Boyle
Sunday 10pm Channel 4

Or as it's known, 'the film Danny Boyle made BEFORE Slumdog'. Its space chic is eye-popping. Got no idea what it's about though.



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