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The Chris Moyles Show tour on the red button

Adam Heyhurst

The Chris Moyles Show Tour happens to coincide with Radio 1's Access All Areas week - when we throw open the doors of Yalding House (figuratively for the masses and literally for a lucky few) for all to see.

There's an expectation that audiences want to watch as well as listen to outside broadcasts (OBs) of a certain scale nowadays. So, when this project landed in the inbox, we thought we'd try to find a way of making a bigger splash with the AAA element. We eventually decided to give the audience a higher level of access to Chris and the show than they've ever had before. As well as a live stream online, users will (for the first time) be able to watch the action live on their TVs (by pressing the red button). Additionally, for those viewers on the way to work, the stream will also be live on 16 BBC Big Screens across the UK.

We've tried to incorporate the visualisation element without affecting the 'sound' of the programme. Some features that are usually audio-only have been produced on video this time, so that the audience watching on TV has something to watch as well as hear - the radio programme will play out our audio during these features. On the flip-side, we have also prepared video items to play out over long segues in the radio programme to keep the TV audience engaged.

Technically - We're using 9 cameras in total, some robotic, some operated. OB facilities are from SiS, who we've worked with before and who have been very flexible in delivering what is a somewhat unconventional OB. We're sending the transmission by satellite to Satellite Operations at TV Centre where the red button video will play out and our partners Red Bee will handle our online stream from Broadcast Centre.

Please let us know what you think of the whole experience!

Adam Heyhurst is Series Producer for the Chris Moyles Show Tour

  • The Chris Moyles Show tour is directed by Will Kinder. Executive Producer is Ben Chapman.
  • Access All Areas week is under way now. Full details on the Radio 1 web site.
  • The Chris Moyles Show tour is on the Radio 1 web site, on the red button and on BBC Big Screens around Britain. Details here. Chris was in Portsmouth this morning and will be in Newport, Derby, Darlington, Perth for the rest of the week. Tickets for all four Cities are sold out.
  • The Chris Moyles Show is on Facebook and the team is on Twitter.
  • The hashtag for Access All Areas is #R1AAA

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