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The Q4 Rajars in the press and on the social networks

Steve Bowbrick

Head of Interactive, Radio 3

Using a beta (test) version of a service called Storify we've rounded up the reaction in the press, on the blogs and on the social networks to this morning's RAJAR numbers. What's your opinion of the numbers? Log in to leave a comment.

Steve Bowbrick, blogs editor

  • RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) is jointly owned by the BBC and commercial radio trade body the Radio Centre. Participating listeners are asked to record their radio listening in quarter-hour time blocks for one week.
  • The RAJAR figures for 'linear listening', not including on-demand listening or podcasts, in a table and the official quarterly press release (PDF).
  • BBC Audio & Music's RAJAR press release.
  • Thanks to Jem Stone for curating the links.

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