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The leaps listeners made

Ryan Dilley | 16:56 UK time, Thursday, 1 March 2012

Wednesday was a very special day, a Leap Day. Like Oliver Reed in his heyday, it comes round only once every four years.

PM wondered whether we could use the special day as an opportunity. We asked listeners whether they'd be prepared to take advantage of this extra day - use it as an excuse to do something different.

But did anyone actually take the leap?

Fritha Ellis-Proughten went to the dentist for root canal treatment. She says: "It went very well and I am now contemplating the abundance of crunchy food items I have been missing out on for the past three months."

Ruth Martin went to Iceland to try and catch a glimpse of the northern lights. "We went out at 9pm; drove out of Reykjavik for about an hour; and stood in the snowy cold for two periods of about 45 minutes without success."

Sue Lloyd went to the theatre in Stratford: "I saw The Heresy of Love at the Swan Theatre, Stratford, as planned."

Polly Ernest was going to be recovering in hospital from donating a kidney to her husband, Roger: "Unfortunately, the powers that be decided to cancel the operation as there was still a shadow of doubt over Roger's health. I was admitted on Sunday via A+E with acute shoulder and neck pains and have spent the last three days flat on my back. Talk about the best laid plans."

Ted White went to Buckingham Palace to be invested an MBE: "I had a wonderful time... the Prince of Wales was doing the investing!"

Simon Ridley and nine other campanologists rang the bells in Tewkesbury Abby for an hour: "1346 musical changes of Yorkshire Surprise Maximus performed in 54 minutes on Tewkesbury Abbey bells, leaping tonight for PM. Ringing was fair to start, quality rising, good at finish."

Yvonne spent the day geocaching as she won't be able to log a geocache on this date for four years: "We found our planned geocache at Lepe. We had made our first travel bug called 'Leap for PM' and we will now be able to track its progress as it goes from cache to cache across the world."

Liz Turner, now 61, rekindled her hula hooping hobby: "I have just had my hula-hooping session with Jodhi - the teacher kindly provided by PM - and what larks we had!"

Irene Nicholson met up with someone she hadn't seen in decades: "I have had a lovely day with my friend, Teresa, who has come over from Australia after 42 years. We are going to Paris on the 12th March to celebrate our 60th birthdays!"

Clare Fowler went to Buckingham Palace to be invested a CBE: "What an extraordinary privilege. HRH Prince of Wales officiated and spoke to each of the 87 recipients."

Ceri Lamberton made a leap with her year six class: "All of the children in the class took their leap. They used the extra hours during the day on the 29th February to do something that would make a difference either to their own lives or to the people around them."

Ross McDonald told his colleagues that he is gay and has been with his partner for 17 years: "Over the course of the morning a number of colleagues came to me and thanked me with admiration for my honesty. I even managed to use 'we' instead of 'I' when talking about plans for the weekend."

Jill Sandford sent an olive branch to a friend she thought she may have offended: "I made the hard phone call today and apologised to my friend Anne, asking her to let me know if she is OK and to make contact. Feels great to have done it. Now I wait."



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