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Sir Michael Lyons

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George South | 15:28 UK time, Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Chair of PM's Privacy Commission, Sir Michael Lyons, talks to Eddie about his approach and what he hopes the Commission might accomplish.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Comment number 2.
    At 17:43 14th Jun 2011, gagged1980 wrote:
    Can radio 4 discover how many gagging injunctions have been issued since 1980?
    i.e. before and after H.R.A. under Freedom of Information ?
    How long do they last? Must the recipient wait for the death of the ex parte?
    It was vaguely refered to as 300 p.a. by one legal presenter
    The simple gagging injunction does not seek to gag the press it forbids the recipient to communicate and inform. This means excemption from enquiry by Authorities.
    c.f. The F.S.A. cannot say who paid for a certain injunction even if it was funded by the tax payer. Naturally anyone who uses funds to protect themselves should be open to Inland Revenue and F.S.A. My experience is that even Registrars in R.C.J. will not continue if a previous gagging order is produced.
    Please could the injunctions be classified into those to protect a professional practice(legal),to protect a celebrity reputation, to protect commercial standing,pension etc. I have wondered if when a storm is brewing e.g. like the off shore tax troubles that were beginning to flame at the election, died down when it was realised that it would not look good if the government was renting buildings for which the tax payer would not receive even the tax and VaT from the offshore landlords Did they take out injunctions?
    The terms gagging and super while descriptive do not have a legal definition
    I could not find this entry which I maDE YESTERDAY luckily I had copied it so I am able to reproduce it Sorry if my ineptitude results in reproduction

  • Comment number 2.

    Was I mislead into believing that the commission would uncover the suggested 300-400 citizens who have been forbidden to communicate by injunction of the High Court?

    How many injunctions are to protect the establishment?

    How many Ministries of the Crown pay rent to off-shore landlords who do not pay UK tax.

    How many Family Proceedings heard in camera result in a gagging injunction not to protect children but to protect a practice of one of the parties cited.

    Do the commission understand they are asking for information from individuals who have no time limit on the order,and fear committal for contempt


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