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Our little radio experiment.

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Eddie Mair | 13:15 UK time, Friday, 21 January 2011

Not a real hospital

What did you think of our radio experiment?

Every night we try to explain an increasingly complex world. You're very familiar with the conventions. There is a government announcement followed by a quick five minute interview in which the presenter questions the politician.

At PM we try not to get sucked into slavishly following even our own routines. So when we saw the scale of Andrew Lansley's plans for health in England, we embarked on a different approach. Not one five minute interview, but four ten minute interviews, with listeners getting their own opportunity tonight to challenge Mr Lansley directly.

Please let us know what you think. Zoe Williams in The Guardian today thinks my questions to Mr Lansley were a bit feeble. You might agree. Feel free to leave your comment, whether positive or negative, by clicking on Comments at the top of this post.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY (sorry for going upper case) I'd love to hear how you would improve on our little experiment. Are there other topics which deserve this treatment in a nightly news programme? Is five days too much? Would you like more or less time for listeners' questions? All constructive ideas welcome.

Let us know.


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