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Airbrushing. Which of these photos do you prefer?

Eddie Mair | 16:42 UK time, Monday, 3 August 2009

There are some photos that cry out for a bit of help from technology. The alarming snap that adorns the top right of this page for example.

But the Liberal Democrats think some airbrushing is wrong - because it puts young girls under pressure to achieve an unattainable look. The Independent has more here.

In the programme tonight we'll try to demonstrate what difference airbrushing can make. There are two photos of the Lib Dem leader below. The one on the top is (as far as we know) untouched, but the one underneath has been altered by airbrushing expert James Middleton.

What do you think?




John McReynolds writes (photo 3): "I think I've overdone it":


And we got the Mr Darcy version (photo 4) from Alan George who "thinks he looks rather dashing.



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