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Hugh in Iraq.

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Eddie Mair | 08:05 UK time, Thursday, 2 April 2009

Hugh sends these words and these photographs of the people and places he visited in Baghdad for his report last night on the Awakening movement:

"Awakening movement checkpoint into the Fadhil district of Baghdad. Al Qaeda were once busy in Fadhil, until local people turned against them.

They didn't check him. Sadly, this is a serious point. There have been numerous BBIEDs, as the Americans call them - Bicycle Borne Improvised Exlposive Devices.

Fadhil is poor. And friendly.

Deputy leader of the Fadhil Awakening, Khaled al Qaisi (centre) and his opposite number from a neighbouring Shiite district, Faris Abdel Hassan (right).

Scars from al Qaeda fighting two years ago. There is now more damage from gunfire - some local fighters shot at Iraqi soldiers after they'd arrested the leader of the Fadhil Awakening on charges of murder, extortion, torture and operating a military wing of the now-illegal Ba'ath Party.

Fadhil's main square.

Market trolley boys.

Fresh fish.

Friendly greengrocer.

Generator maintenance class, for the unemployed - many of the 100 men here were once insurgents, until they joined the Awakening movement in Adamiyah - the Sunni centre of Baghdad.

Generator skills are in high demand - there still isn't a reliable electricity supply here.

The trainees make simple solar water heaters. Murky day, but even so:
from 15 to 60 degrees Centigrade in 20 minutes. I want one.

Sandbags and plastic flowers at a checkpoint on the way home."

And Hugh says you can read more on the Awakening troubles here.


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